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Case "Blue horse"

Blue horse live under my table. It does not eat a hay, but only watts. System unit hides under the horse skin. All construction of a horse is removable.

Body of horse consists from pieces of foam rubber and fabric. “Skin” is glued on the case with help sticky tape.

The front panel is a separate detail. So the facade can be changed.

The most important part of case is a head. Head keeps to case on spring. You can even strike horse’s head, when you are malicious. My child kisses a horse on a muzzle.

This case has protection against children. Start button hides in the right eye.

The back wall is not closed. It’s need for cooling. Holes for cooling located also between feet of a horse and front side of case.

Positive side of this construction is low noise. Minus of construction is a dust collector. I struggle with minuses with help vacuum cleaner. I install two fans for additional cooling.


Probably, it is unique mod without light-emitting diode and highlighting.

The best friend for kids.

Protection against very active kids.

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